(0 or) 1-37 Far-Flung Finch-Fancier: Charles Darwin

38-62 Slow Steady Stone-Setter: Charles Lyell

63-81 Romantic Revivifier: Victor Frankenstein

82-100 Moggy Mezzo-Menacer: Erwin Schrödinger

101-125 Eccentric Electrician: Nicola Tesla

126-149 Crazed Chrono-Crosser: Emmett Brown

150-165 Diagonal Dust-Deviser: Georg Cantor

166-183 Aureal-Olfactory Observer:Tycho Brahe

184-194 Guillotined Gas-Gleaner: Antoine Lavoisier

195-241 Agricultural Augustinian: Gregor Mendel

242-290 Cogitating Coordinator: René Descartes

291-363 Hoop-Hunting Horologist:  Christiaan Huygens

364-436 Polygenetic Poisson-Peruser: Louis Agassiz

437-528 Booze-Balancing Bigamist: Dmitri Mendeleev

529-605 Elliptical Elucidator: Johannes Kepler

606-688 Proton-Probing Pole: Marie Curie

689-771 Superhuman-Seeking Son: Mohinder Suresh

772-849 Unrepentant Urban-Upsetter: Galileo Galilei

850-931 Patent-Passing Pacifist: Albert Einstein

931-1204 Arian Alchemist: Isaac Newton

1205 + Prophylactic Pox-Preventer: Edward Jenner

The answer to the Puzzle is: Charitable Chimp Chaser and that is Jane Goodall

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