Captain Paris is the captain of the ship in the comic theme Space. She was accidentally killed in strip 720. She is now a ghost.

Minifigure FormEdit

Paris starts as a temporary red and white minifgure. As she complains, 'Why am I the redshirt?!' She is the only human on board her ship. When her and her companions are slogging through a swamp, they come upon 'another dinosaur', who is actually Jar-Jar Binks. She and her shipmates produce Laser Swords, and kill him. After this they meet up with The Emperor and Darth Vader, causing no small amount of fear. Following this is another Star Wars crossover, in which it is discovered that Paris is apparently weak minded. At this point, she gets her miniature.

Miniature FormEdit

Paris' miniature looks far tougher then her minifgure representation, complete with a double bolt-action personal emag railgun firing 32mm hypersonic smart slugs. The danger of using such a weapon on board a spacecraft is pointed out by Spanners. After all, it would turn the hull into swiss cheese. When entering cyperpunk Virtual Reality,

Captain Paris

Paris' avatar retains the look of her old minifigure. She is highly perceptive of how space stations all have apparently bottomless chasms spanned by narrow bridges with no guard rails.

Mindscan FormEdit

After they lose her body, It is discovered that a glitch saved a mindscan of Paris to the computer when she was killed. So although she no longer exists in the real world, Paris does exist as a personality-simulation inside the computer's Virtual Reality (she takes on the form of her minifigure avatar). In fact, after helm control is rigged up, she can pilot the ship from inside the computer. This works great, until Serron installs the patch that fixes the 'glitch'. This causes Paris' mindscan to be deleted, and now she really is dead. When her shipmates attempt to hold a memorial service in her honor, they actually clone a body from her old skin cells.

Ghost FormEdit

After she dies, Paris is told that there are, 'No alternatives' by the Head Death. However, he then contradicts himself by saying that: 'THE ONLY ALTERNATIVE IS SO HORRIBLE, I HESITATE TO MENTION IT... RETURN AS A RESTLESS GHOST TO HAUNT YOUR COMPANIONS AND MAKE THEIR LIVES MISERABLE.' Naturally, she does just that. In her new ghost form, Paris appears as a partially-transparent form of herself. Although she is incorporeal, she can still pilot their ship because it's just tiny electrical impulses in the circuits. She can manipulate them directly.

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