Also known as virtual reality, cyberspace is a simulation of the physical world inside a computer. It is commonly used in the Space theme, where many strange things occur while the crew is inside it, including the death of Paris. Someone 'jacks in' to virtual reality through the use of neural interface software (by the way, it is important to read the terms and agreements for this). Cyberspace is apparently operated (at least in part) by Spanners. The software is currently on release version 7.1.

Time in CyberspaceEdit

Interestingly enough, time is set up so that one months of real time is equivalent to one minute of computer time. NOT the other way around. This technology was invented by game developers.

Death in CyberspaceEdit

As it turns out, if you die in virtual reality, you also die cyberspace. At one point there was a glitch that stored a person's mindscan (totaling several hundred petabytes of cubic memory) that could be used to resurrect a person if you have a clone of their body. A patch has been released that fixes this bug.