David Morgan-Mar
‎Dr. David Morgan-Mar (Danger Mouse or DMM) is a physicist and the creator of Irregular Webcomic!. He often appears in the comic as Me, although he appears to have killed himself off in comic #1800. He is also a coauthor for Darths & Droids, another webcomic, Infinity On 30 Credits a Day, a collaborative webcomic, and Mezzacotta, a half-baked webcomic which is apparently older than the universe itself (or so the site says). He is also known for creating several humorous esoteric programming languages.

He is a Ph.D. graduate from the University of Sydney. He currently lives in Sydney, Australia and works as an optical engineer at Canon. He is a regular contributor to Pyramid magazine and the author of many GURPS roleplaying books for Steve Jackson Games.

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