Death of Choking on a Giant Frog is Fireballs' main rival. He does not use a scythe, claiming those as relics of an outdated management system. He will go to great lengths to collect souls. He collected Cthulhu after he choked on a giant frog in a fight with Steve; he collected Adam after a disasterous experiment to find the lethality of choking on giant frogs; he convinced Quarrel that he choked on a giant frog and that the insanely overpowered fireball that really killed him was a hallucination caused by the poisons on the frog's skin. He has worked his way up the organization; he had a stint as Death of Being Smothered And Licked to Death By Kittens. He was involved in the strike that Fireballs (then Fate Worse than Death) organized for a time; he left it to collect a soul who had choked on a giant frog.