A lovable lizard-man type creature who speaks English only in a monosyllabic dialect, although he speaks very smoothly in his own language, either showing his inability to grasp polysyllabic word structures or a simple inadeptness at learning foriegn languages. He was hired by Lambert as a bodyguard. He and his species are apparently quite smart for their time.


First encountered in strip number 137 the fantasy group finds him in the middle of a dungeon and asks him to join there party as Lambert's bodyguard. (Although we don't see this it is stated in strip  that Draak was drinking an ale and burped, but the adventurers thought that Draak was his name. His real name is Zrxgy) Draak talks in a very educated manner in his language but is only able to pronounce a few words in english, due to the fact he doesn't have lips and he's a lizard. Draak's people have a God, the god of eat but since he ate too much and got fat they no longer pray to him. Draak was temporarly taken into a world very similar to The Wizard of Oz with the rest of the group due to the GM (David Morgan-Mar) not having thought of a plot yet. Draak's tribe is fighting a long war and Lambert pays his tribe in armour. Draak has a small red lizard friend whos name is unknown but that he talked to at the inn for a little while. Draak was for a time training to be a Knight at knight school. Draak also was with the group when they caused one of many paradoxes causing the universe to be destroyed and everyone to be taken to the Infinite featureless grey plane and returned with the others when Kyros recreated the universe with an insanely overpowered fireball. He currently is with Lambert, Dwalin, and Mordekai who have run off in an attempt to get away from Kryos, who is destroying the Orcrift Mountains.

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