This article is about how the Wikis' Government is organized


The ultimate authority on the wiki, the president makes sure that everything runs smoothly and makes excecutive desicions about anything ranging from contests to permantly banning users for crimes against the wiki. The president once elected stays in office for life or until he resigns. desicions by the president can only be repealed if the entire council and vice president votes to do so.

Incase of a presidents untimely death or resignation the Vice president immeadiately takes over. Then anyone including the vice president can run for being the New president. A vice president election takes place at the same time as the presidents, and a Presidential canidate may support or oppose any vice president canadite he wishes to.

Vice President

Second In command the, vice president makes most of the more minor desicions and is in control during a presidents short term absence (1 week). When voting on a matter along with the council during a presidents long term absence the Vice presidents vote counts as 3 votes.

Council of 12

This council is made up of 12 Admins who give the president advice on how to do things they also make descions in conjuction with the vice president during a president's  long term absence. Any desicion by the council can be repealed by the president.


Admins are in charge of making sure the wiki stays running properly and users don't break the rules of the wiki. Admins can ban anyone without the councils permission if it is no longer than 5 days.

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