The bottom of the navigation box whenever the current IWC comic is being viewed has a poll question. The questions are updated periodically by DMM, and range in content from fairly serious to entirely silly. Updates to the poll range from a few weeks to as little as a single day in the case of poll 412

Voting is limited to one vote per IP address.

Early polls typically had in the neighborhood of 550 responses. Recent polls (as of January 7, 2009) have typically had around 4000 responses. There are no dates associated with the archive of poll results, but Poll 37: 2005 is here! So when do we get moonbases? self-indicates its approximate date. Poll 421: Which comic is funnier: #1402 or #2167? appeared and closed during the week of blank panels following the End of the Universe and only had 2500 recorded responses.

Some poll voters like to "hack in" responses, particularly The Allosaurus, to polls. Hacked in answers are typically not included in the results unless DMM happens to see a response that he deems worthy of mention.

Sending your browser to

     "The Allosaurus"

will enter The Allosaurus as a poll response. Sending your browser to

     "Irregular Webcomic!"

will enter Irregular Webcomic! as the poll response. Any word or phrase substituted inside the quotes as the destination on the browser address box records that poll answer. The tabulation of poll results is automated and only looks for the options that were offered in the poll itself, and bypasses any hacked in answer that it doesn't recognize.