Irregular Webcomic!
Author David Morgan-Mar
URL Irregular Webcomic!
Schedule/Status Updates Daily
First 31 December, 2002
Last 3 July, 2020
Genre Humour
Rating PG

Irregular Webcomic!, or IWC!, is a webcomic by Austrailian physicist David Morgan-Mar and is the sole purpose of this wiki. The comic began on December 31, 2002 and despite being called irregular, the comic tends to update daily.


  • Me The Me theme was the first theme to appear and is simply David saying his opinions, but he has stated they aren't always his.
  • Cliffhangers This theme, which takes place in World War II, began as a parody of Indiana Jones, but now it's evolved a unique plot in it's own right.
  • Death This theme shows that there is a death for every kind of death possible.
  • Espionage A theme which parodies James Bond, it is currently following the "From Russia With Love" storyline.
  • Fantasy A role-play theme that follows 6 people in a fantasy realm.
  • Harry Potter Simply, David's voice in the Harry Potter characters mouths, or Shakespeare's fanfic.
  • Imperial Rome A theme which follows two people through the Roman Empire.
  • Martians Follows three martians as they try to invade Earth, aswell as the human child Ishmael and the "man in black".
  • Mythbusters A theme based on the Discovery Channel show of the same name, frequently parodying the characters' usage of explosives when all else fails.
  • Nigerian Finance Minister Follow the adventures of... THE NIGERIAN FINANCE MINISTER!
  • Pirates A piratey theme.
  • Shakespeare What if Shakespeare were born in 400 years after his supposed birth? He'd write Harry Potter fanfiction apparently, as well as working as a tech writer in Sydney, Australia.
  • Space A role-play theme in space.
  • Star Wars David's voice and opinions in the words of Star Wars, along with the characters of the films frequently breaking the fourth wall to discuss the ludicrousness of certain scenes.
  • Steve and Terry A Crocodile Hunter type theme.
  • Supers The least frequently occuring strip, this is the only one that is not directly designed by DMM (Dean Stahl provides the illustrations) It features surreal superheroes and villains, parodying the typical super-caper.
  • Miscellaneous The theme in which all things that don't fit into the other categories go, as well as The Allosaurus strips.


All of the Strips include LEGO in them at one point or another (the buildings back ground, other objects and crossovers.)

Legos are being used under the fair play statement Lego made.

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