The Martians theme of Irregular Webcomic! features three Martians who are in charge of invading the Earth from their base on Mars. It is the eighth theme to appear. They are the only Martians tasked with invading the Earth (in strip #1587, they explained that this allowed them to rule Earth from one computer instead of needing a huge operations centre) and are the only ones to have appeared so far, although (contrary to DMM's annotations to strip #1595) an Ethics Committee was mentioned back in strip #713.

The first strip in the theme, #60, was a parody of The War of the Worlds, and while the theme has expanded much of the dialogue in the theme contains references to the novel.


  • Three Martians, while not named, are the three eponymous main characters of the theme.
  • Ishmael is a (Human) college student from Earth. He works at a pizza place owned by an Itallian, Giuseppe.
  • The Man in Black is a shadowy govenment agent, whose main purpose is to intimidate people into believing that they haven't seen UFOs or aliens, or are aliens. He usually fails. He wears a black suit and dark sunglasses, and drives a big black van bristling with surveillance equipment.
  • Loren Ipsum, while originally appearing in the Shakespeare theme, was revealed to be a Martian sleeper agent in strip #1500.