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The Nigerian Finance Minister

The Nigerian Finance Minister is the main character of the theme of the same name. He is a government official and fairly new Internet user trying to find new ways of supporting his country, and is constantly frustrated and confused by the number of people who insult and abuse him when he asks for their help (including the prime ministers of several influential countries). Of course, his place of origin and requests for assistance transferring money lead these correspondents to mistake him for a 419 Scammer.

The Finance Minister is well-meaning, but extremely easily led. He served the "King of Nigeria" loyally for many years, granting all his requests for cash, without taking account of the fact that Nigeria happens to be a republic. This may well be why the Minister is reduced to asking for foreign help.

The Minister has several unnamed colleagues, and has also worked alongside Death and Will Shakespeare, who were in need of part-time jobs. Past unsuccessful ideas for raising revenue have included getting Microsoft to sponsor his department, taxing people for making charitable donations, appearing on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? and selling extra votes in the national elections via PayPal.