Pirates is a theme on IWC!, beginning with strip 71. It details the voyages of the 17th century pirate ship Allosaurus, named by popular fan vote, as it pillages the Caribbean. A major feature of the theme is the use of popular "pirate slang". It has been stated that several members of the ship are pirates largely because they enjoy speaking in Pirate slang. The most recent adventure of the Allosaurus has been the theft of Graybeard's Treasure map from Port Royal--an act which has not gone unnoticed by the British soldiers.

Strips 76-816 used a special font to represent the piratic accent, but this has since been dropped, because of legibility issues.


Captain Long Tom Short is the captain of the ship Allosaurus. He is supposedly a very competent captain and fighter, and his one true passion is the use of Pirate Slang.

Dirty Dirque is the ship bosun and liason. He assumes the dual responsibilities of running the ship when the captain is preoccupied and acquiring privateering rights.

Wendy Wenchgood is the ship's wench. She was formerly the governor of Port Royal's daughter, but has forsaken her stifling civilized lifestyle for a life of pirate activities. She is a deadly fighter, and very good at pirate slang. Supposedly, she is quite attractive, and has used her charm to attempt (unsuccessfully) to seduce the Head Death into sparing the crew.

Governor Wenchgood is Wendy's father, aswell as being governor of Port Royal. He disapproves of his daughter's pirating ways, and would prefer for her to be more ladylike

Captain Ponsonby is the senior ranking officer in Port Royal.