This is a brief overview about rules of this wiki.


You are limited to one account. You may delete your new account and start a new one but you must delete your old account prior to this. If you start a new account while your old one still is operational the older account may be deleted without warning.


Spam and or vandalism is not alowed. Any users found doing this will be banned for a perion of no more than 2 weeks and no less than 5 days, repeat offenders may be banned for a month if previously warned.

Language, Profanity, Insulting and the like

Use of profanity, bad language, and insults are not alowed in articles, usernames, talk pages, blogs, pictures, or anywhere else on this wiki. Use of any of these may result in in being banned temporarly.


The main purpose of this Wiki is for all to have fun. We want everyone here to have a good time, but we don't want people to do things to offend others or yourself. If you just remember to take others feelings into consideration then pretty much everything will go well for you. We hope you will have a fun time on this wiki, so get out there, and get editing!

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.