Shakespeare is a theme about the exploits of a modern Shakespeare, shackled to a Tech Writing job and prone to writing fanfictions with himself as a character. Most of the jokes involve puns or references to famous Shakespearian plays, or else jokes about the quality and content of most fanfictions out there.

The major characters from this theme all share names, and some personality characteristics, with characters from Shakespeare's plays.


Will Shakespeare is the eponymous protagonist of this theme. He wishes to become a playwright, but has thus far failed on all accounts. He was born in Britain in the 1960s, and works at an IT company in Australia.

Ophelia, named after a character from Hamlet, is a coworker and admirer of Shakespeare. Her attraction is thus far unrequited.

Mercutio, named after a character from Romeo and Juliet, is another coworker of Shakespeare's. He is the system's administrator, and has an occasionally snarky personality.

Loren Ipsum's name is not from Shakespeare, but a pun on a common placeholder phrase that is itself derived from Cicero. She is a representative of the US Government, which for reasons unknown outsources work to an Australian Company.

Mr. Marlowe is the boss. He really doesn't know what they are doing but he likes to use technical terms.