The original crew on the bridge

Space is a theme set sometime in the future, in outer space. It follows the exploits of the crew of the cargo ship Legacy, in both realtime and cyberspace. The crew does odd jobs for various people, and attempts to overcome the humorous mistakes made by certain members of the crew. It first appeared in strip No. 17, making it the fourth theme to appear.


The current cast of the Space theme


Captain Paris: the captain of the starship, she was originally a human, who got killed in cyberspace, then projected as a hologram, then finally placed in her current incarnation as a ghost. Needless to say, all of this has made the already irritable captain very short-tempered.

Serron: the "merchant" of the ship. He is remarkably good at getting out of (and into) sticky situations, often due to his completely underhand and treacherous nature.

Iki Piki: the diplomat and demolitions expert of the starship, and is the most withdrawn of the members of the crew.

Spanners: the engineer and electrician of the ship. His main role is keeping the ship's computers maintained, and making sure that cyberspace runs smoothly. Which it rarely does.

Quercus: the newest member of the team, and assistant engineer. He is a tree-being from the planet Fagalia, and is the only member of the team to have not yet been into cyberspace.

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