The Supers theme deals with the antics of a team of superhero characters, all of whom have seemingly worthless powers. Like Fantasy and Space, the events of the strip are supposed to be based on a roleplaying game that has Me as GM.

Supers tells the story of the League of Goodguys as they fearlessly battle the evil Axis of Antagonists. So far, there have been no decisive victories on either end.

The Artist: Dean Stahl[edit | edit source]

Since David Morgan-Mar has stated in no uncertain terms that he cannot draw, he enlisted the aid of Dean Stahl, from Steelhorse Studios. Dean Stahl is a Graphic Artist by trade, who also draws fantasy and science-fiction artwork in a comic-book style. DMM mentioned in one Supers annotation that Dean "does this for fun", so we can assume that he isn't being paid for his work. However, DMM did encourage Dean to auction off some Supers Original Artwork to, as he put it, "to help fund his chosen career of Struggling Artist".

As DMM has mentioned many times in his annotations, Dean Stahl accepts commissions for reasonable prices, or at least he did as of 2007, which is the most recent update of the Steelhorse Studios website. His online Commision Form lists the available genres Superhero, Fantasy, and Gaming; as well as Wrestler and Logo for Wrestler. Based on the artwork samples on the Steelhorse website, drawings of wrestlers are quite popular. Also included in that same artist portfolio are portraits of all the Supers characters.

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