Allosaurus (pronounced /ˌæləˈsɔrəs/) is a genus of large theropod dinosaur that lived 155 to 145 million years ago, in the late Jurassic period, a common joke answer to the polls on Irregular Webcomic!, and a character therein. When in the context of a poll, this answer is usually not included in the original poll: rather, it is a hacked answer.

Although Irregular Webcomic! officially endorses the campaigns of Allosaurus for President, David Morgan-Mar doesn't make any political statements with Irregular Webcomic! or anything related to it. The Allosaurus's particular political alignment is unclear, but he is most likely lawful evil.


The Allosaurus, born in Montana, was first seen by the fantasy band of adventurers in strip # 5 and has successfully become President of the United States. He rules with an iron, if proportionally small, fist, and has been known to devour his opponents. Spanners showed in strip # 59 that the modern parrot evolved from the Allosaurus. In his free time, the Allosuarus likes to play soccer, made evident in strip # 40, and roar. The allosaurus just wants to roar loudly and eat people. He has lots of other dinosaur friends. The assassination of the Allosaurus has been attempted twice, once by George W. Bush, who tried to kill him using various Deaths, and once by the Martians, who are currently trying to kill him with an asteroid.

The Allosaurus's PoliciesEdit

  • Current politicians are poseurs. Put a real carnivorous predator in power!
  • Raw meat for all.
  • Promote global warming to usher in a new Age of the Dinosaurs.
  • No separation of church and state. Mmmm... prey in schools...
  • Let's make America prehistoric again.
  • Get those bastards at the International Commission for Zoological Nomenclature to change Apatosaurus back to Brontosaurus!!!
  • I'll bite the head off anyone who disagrees.
Allo pres

Allosaurus for president!

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