The second largest country on the continent of North America, the United States of America (commonly abbreviated USA or the US) is organized into 50 states. each state has a capital the national capital being Washington D.C. The USA is home to The Allosaurus, (the current President) who was born in the state of Montana. Dr. Ginny Smith, and George W. Bush were both born here as well.

The Entire Jones Family originated from the US and take there names from the countries 50 states.

States and PlacesEdit

States and places so far seen or mentioned are:


See main article: California

Where Adam and Jamie reside, and a place where David Morgan-Mar has taken a few holidays.


See maine article: Maine

Where an Ancestor of Monty Jones lived.


See main article: Montana

Montana is the state where The Allosaurus was born.

North DakotaEdit

See Main article: North Dakota

Namesake of Prof. North Dakota Jones


See main article:Texas

Birth place of George W. Bush.


See main article:Utah

Where Dr. Montana Jones was born and also where the Cross of Cornado was found.


See main article: Minnesota

Where Minnesota Jones got his name.

Washington D.C.Edit

See main Article: Washington D.C.

Capital of the USA and current residence of the Allosaurus

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